About Us

We are a geologist and mining engineer by profession but world travelling, adventure seeking nomads by nature. After years spent happily ensconced in the bosom of the Australian mining industry we have decided it was time to live the dream and travel a large portion of the globe on the back or our trusty Suzuki DR650s.


Both of us have been riding motorbikes for quite a while, in fact its through motorbikes that we met. While making small talk at a bar on the beach in Townsville, a sweet sounding bike rode past which we both craned our neck to sneak a peek at. And that was it – the next day we went on a 600km ride together up the North Queensland coast.

Less then a year later we did a 6000km trip through central Australia including an unsupported crossing of the Simpson Desert, the largest parallel sand dune desert in the world. While that didn’t quite go to plan – Tan came off and did some ligament and tendon damage to her right knee about a days ride from Birdsville which required recovery of her and her bike – it cemented with us a love of riding, travel, camping and adventure. Many other adventures have followed.

When dreaming about the trip we thought it would be great to travel to the ends of the planet and come back again, hence the name of the trip, Earth’s Ends. We’ve always loved doing adventurous type things and riding motorbikes around the world for a couple years seemed like a great use of time for us!