The Bikes

This section of the webpage is still in progress. In the meantime , lots of info and discussion can be found in the following advrider thread:

ADVRider Build Thread

So, why DR650’s? Easy answer is because we already had them. The humble DR is far and away the most popular adv mule in oz for a few notable reasons; they are capable, reliable, and simple. They just work, and when they stop working, they are easy to fix. So when we decided to turn our dream of doing a RTW trip into a reality, is was easy to just start with what we had and turn them into what we wanted.

Regarding the basic concept our bike builds – they had to be strong, so the frame needed to be reinforced around some of the known failure points. I wanted more fuel range than a standard safari tank could give me (this was done more for Australia then RTW, we did plan on doing a few routes that need large quantities of fuel), and wanted to minimise the need to carry jerry cans, so we needed another fuel tank. I wanted emergency water storage, so needed a water tank. I wanted to get as much weight out of the panniers as possible and towards the centre of gravity of the bike, so toolbox. The bikes needed good wind protection, and proper lighting. And proper suspension. So that was the design brief. Not too much to ask for?

Here is a list of mods completed:
• KTM Rally Fairing
• KTM 990 Adventure low fender
• Reinforced frame
• Custom light tower
• Acura TL bi-xenon projectors with 55W ballasts
• Custom dash and electrics
• RMZ450 Showa USD fork conversion
• Cogent Dynamics Mojave Shock
• Steering Damper
• Lowered Footpegs
• Reinforced Swingarm
• Excel 18” rear wheel
• Custom Luggage rack
• 10l Secondary Fuel tank which is the Left Hand Pannier Frame
• 6l Lockable toolbox which is the Right Hand Pannier Frame
• Bashplate with 3l water tank
• DG muffler with extra baffle
• TM40 pumper carb
• Delta wired stator
• MOSFET regulator/rectifier
• Battery isolator and some other security devices
• Plus other stuff…..

Links to the various sections of the build can be found in the following: